Five Top Boiler Maintenance Tips

It’s the thing every household dreads during those chilly, dark winter months: a broken boiler. No one wants a freezing cold home, icy showers or the thought of costly repair bills.

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Luckily, a lot of boiler issues can be easily avoided by making sure you take the proper precautions and keep on top of boiler maintenance.

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These five top tips will help ensure your boiler stays in good working order throughout the year and will mean you can spot any potential problems early and safe yourself hassle and money!

1. Get Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

While there are plenty of things you can do yourself to keep your boiler in tip-top condition, it is always worth finding a trustworthy expert to service it regularly. Ask friends to recommend someone, or simply search online. For example, by searching for Gloucester boiler servicing, you can find a wide range of professionals such as

2. Keep a Close Eye

Spotting any problems early is really important. Make a habit of checking for leaks, cracks or noises on a regular basis. Even things that don’t seem like a big deal could indicate a potentially large problem.

Spotting signs early could save you more than just money: it could also save your life. According to the Gas Safe Register, a boiler which isn’t working properly can be lethal.

3. Get Those Radiators Bleeding

It is one of those jobs that often gets overlooked, but making sure you bleed your radiators when you first put the heating on can help your boiler work more efficiently, saving you money as well as making sure your house is more environmentally friendly

4. Watch Out for Leaks and Drips

We all know that water leaking from a boiler, pipe or radiator is not a good sign, but sometimes tiny drips can be hard to spot. Make sure to check for any sign of water regularly before they turn into a big and costly issue.

5. Think About Insulation

We’ve all heard horror stories about pipes that have frozen and then burst during cold snaps, leading to huge amounts of damage and a big clear-up bill.

It is something can happen all too easily if your pipes aren’t properly insulated, so make sure all pipes in your home, including those in the loft, are protected.

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