3 Benefits of Living in a Loft Apartment

When people think about lofts, they often think about a kind of romantic, Bohemian chic lifestyle in the “it” part of town. For some reason, many people may have once dreamed of living in a loft, but thought it as inaccessible. But lofts can indeed be very accessible and often have many advantages over traditional apartments that should be considered. In this article, we’re going to showcase some of the most advantageous aspects of loft apartments.

3 Benefits of Living in a Loft Apartment

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The Luxury of Space

The number one benefit of loft apartments is the sheer amount of space you’ll be able to enjoy when living in one. There’s really no other type of apartment that can give you this type of liberty. You’ll have the chance to really let your imagination run loose and get creative with your subdivisions. Or you could simply leave your space wide open if you want to enjoy even more freedom.

Lofts are also used as a workspace for many people. Whether it’s woodworking, painting or music, lofts remain a top choice for lots of artists. Their versatility is what makes them such a good option for people who live through their art. You can designate as big a space as you want for your workspace and adjust your subdivisions at will any time you want, which is one of the reasons why so many people gravitate towards them.

Share Amenities

Many loft communities offer a variety of shared amenities to tenants. For instance, many Minneapolis lofts offer things like rooftop terraces, firepits, fitness rooms, rooftop gardens, etc. They all work to provide a sense of community and create a neighborhood kind of feeling that is often rare in the kind of urban areas lofts are often situated in. They’re also often close to the city’s downtown core and a stone’s throw away from restaurants, shops and entertainment.

Unique Appeal

Lofts tend to have spacious windows, which provide a type of light like no other. Interiors often are stripped down for a more individual and authentic charm.

Lofts often still retain signs of their previous lives as industrial spaces, such as higher ceilings and exposed brick, which further add to their appeal. Some will even have some quirky features, such as original fire doors or gears and pulleys. With a little bit of imagination, you can even accentuate these elements and make them pop by decorating them so that they can really be part of the room’s whole decor.

15-foot ceilings offer so many more decoration options than usual and you can really go wild with how you decide to paint your apartment. If you happen to be an artist, you’ll have plenty of free hanging spaces for a variety of pieces. Higher ceilings give you an extra sense of spaciousness as well.

If you were still on the fence about renting a loft, we hope this piece was enough to convince you. Lofts offer a truly unique living experience, allow you to let your imagination run free and come up with creative design ideas, and offer the type of freedom no other type of living arrangement can offer.


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