Great New Apartment That the Kids and Our Dogs Really Like

Moving is never fun. However, getting a nice new apartment is really nice. We had moved for my job four times in three years. Now we were settling into an area where the kids could stay in the same school district and maintain friendships. I worked it out with my job that with my new contract I will not have to move again if I do not want to. My wife and I have determined to stay in the same place for a good while. We looked for apartments in Mission Viejo CA to have a nice place to live where us and the kids will be happy.

The apartments have a playground and pets are allowed. That is a requirement as our two dogs go with us no matter what. They are family too. I have to stay fit for my job, and the fitness center at the apartments saves me a lot of money on a gym membership. My wife works out every day at four in the morning. I can sometimes sleep in until five. The kids are old enough to take care of themselves now, so we workout together a lot. The girls are teenagers and have been making money babysitting now for about a year. Twin girls with plenty of smarts and lots of drive.

We are a busy family, and we are on the move almost constantly. We have late night study sessions where I quiz the girls on science homework, and they quiz me for my flight testing and other things that I can share with them. My wife is the math genius. I get by, but barely. The apartment is great with its perfectly sized kitchen and private balcony. We like our neighbors, and we like that everything in the apartment was new and super clean when we moved in. No more cleaning for a week before we moved our stuff in like at the other places.

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