Exactly the Apartment That I Wanted

I knew that I needed to find an apartment, but I was hoping to look for a really nice one. I was not sure what all was available in Colton since I had never even been there. That might sound odd, wanting to move there when I had never stepped foot in the city limits, but I had a good reason for wanting to move there. I began looking at luxury apartments in Colton as soon as I found out that I was going to work there. I had applied for a great job, and I was so happy when I got it.

The next step, which had to be a pretty fast one, was to find a place to live. I am not the type of person to live in a hotel for more than a day or so, but that was my only option if I did not find an apartment before my job started, which was only two weeks out. I looked quickly online, and decided that I had nothing to lose by looking at luxury apartments first. If I was not able to find something to my liking, then I would just take what I had to and then find something better once there.

As it turned out, the first apartment I looked at has everything I want in a nice place. The rooms are really nice in the apartment, and I have a great view. The ceilings are high, the appliances are sleek, and the flooring is gorgeous. There is a fitness center, a swimming pool, several places to socialize, and so much more. I looked at the pictures and floor plans, and I knew that I wanted to live there. I was able to get an apartment there quickly, and I was moved in with two days to spare. I guess I got lucky, because this is exactly what I wanted!

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